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Exploring the Alps on two wheels

 Next Alp Trip expected


 Alp Trip 2017

  We will be heading towards the Alps June 2017. Heading along the Chech/German boarder into Lower Austria where we will zig zag eastward past the dolomitic mountains, stelvio and furka passes and then north into the Black Forest.Planning stage is completed and hotels are booked. We are a dynamic group of max 5 riders, so there are only 4 places available. 

2019 Alp Trip -  16 days & 4700km

This year we take an anti clockwise alpine tour starting at Nurburgring and the Black Forest. From there we head into Switzerland, north Italy, Dolomites, before heading north through Austria, into Bavarian Germany and finish off with Hartz.

Trip coming soon

2016 Alp Trip - 16 days & 5300km

We've decide to drop the autobahns this year and take on the German countryside. Hartz, Thuring, Bavaria, Swartzwald, Vognes are just in the first 7 days.

We are a total of 5 riders starting from each our points. Copenhagen, AArhus, Sweden, Dorset and Scotland, all converging to  take on the Alps and 13 passes.

With 5 different GPS's we had a battle of the GPS's. Someone suffered from severe leg cramps, and another had the runs on the first night. Someone suffers a fractured heel and a trip to the ER, whilst another hides a broken toe after a fall. Not wishing to create too much suspense, we can reveal that it was the Swedish BMW rider suffered the leg cramp.

2014 Alp Trip    

Well, this will be a trip to remembered. We spent from mid May to July planning this trip, including fuel stops, hotels etc. The goal being to explore Gorge du Verdon and the Dolomites areas.


When we actually got there, rain had been forecasted over all of the Alps for the majority of our holiday. So we opted to drop the planned route, cancel hotels and instead follow where the sun took us.


Our wits and emergency kits were tested with lost credit cards, a puncture, worn tyre, blowing fuses and faulty USB chargers. We tackled the problems as they kept on presenting themselves and had a brilliant holiday.

2009 Alp Trip      

This is the one where Richard, one of our biking buddies, turned out to have vertigo. Not ideal for an Alp trip. Vertigo Dick as he was hence called battled with his fear for 3 whole days before chucking in the towel. Well done mate :-)


2005 Alp Trip      

This is the one where I took to the Alps with my work buddy and I had my one and only ever off


2013 Scotland Trip      

Ah... Bonny Scotland. My roots lie here. Although I was born and raised in England, I can trace my heritage back in Scotland to the end of the medieval era, so it didn't come as a shock as I heard myself agreeing to seeing some of this wonderful countries wilder aspects on the bike.

2007 Alp Trip      

Two friends, now living in separate European countries, agree to take a motor biking trip through the Alpine mountains. With approximately 40 years riding experience between them, and good planning tools, the winter was used to research biking sites and a route   was agreed on, hotels booked in advance, bike2bike communications tried and tested, and the mood was set for what turned out to be a great adventure.

2004 Alp Trip      

My first ever Alp trip. With a brand new VFR800, I ventured into the Alps on a solo trip. Nothing fancy... No planning, 2 days there, 2 days back and 5 days in the Alps.. with a tent that I've never put up before. What could possibly go wrong??


2005 Norway Trip      

Norway trip in the middle of June, turned out to be a cold one. It rained for 5 days in a row and in the middle of it all, at the top of a pass in an unsuspecting wooden hut, I found a place where I could stop to warm up have a hot meal and they even had a sauna which they turned on for me.



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